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Labor Day salute to unique concierges

Labor Day salute to unique concierges
By Damien Martin

      This week we celebrate Labor Day, a reprieve from the daily grind a recognition of how hard we work day-in and day-out. In the hospitality industry, there are a lot of people working nights and weekends to serve us travelers while we enjoy a break. They take care of the little touches so we don’t have to worry about a thing. This week, we look at some of the unique services provided by the hotel staffs across the Virtuoso network.

Soap concierge, Viceroy Riviera Maya

     While the resort has a signature coco copal scent, the soap concierge greets guests upon arrival with a sampling of artisanal soaps and helps them select a signature scent of their own. The soaps are handmade locally and showcase the area’s natural aromas. Scents rotate seasonally, which helps guests connect with their surroundings in a specific place and time.

Gaucho concierge, The Vines Resort & Spa

      Wine is a huge attraction at this resort in Argentina’s Uco Valley, and yes, you can absolutely blend your own wine and get your hands dirty in the vineyards. But when you feel the need to get the wind in your hair, The Vines’ gauchos are ready to ride the pampas alongside, teaching traditional gaucho customs and telling great stories around the fire.

Ski concierge, Four Seasons Whistler

      Just get yourself up the mountain, and your skis, poles and warm, dry boots are waiting for you thanks to the team at this British Columbia resort. From there, you’re ready for a great day on the slopes, but if you need advice on which runs fit your ability best, the ski concierges are at the base of Blackcomb Mountain ready to help.

Biology concierge, St. Regis Bahia Beach

      Set to reopen Oct. 29 after a renovation necessitated by last year’s Hurricane Maria, this Puerto Rico resort shares its environment with guests by employing a marine biologist who conducts morning nature tours the grounds and afternoon kayaking tours. Guests learn about bioluminescent plankton, coqui frogs, Caribbean manatees and much more.

Constellation concierge, Montage Deer Valley

     The night sky in the mountains of Utah’s Wasatch Range can be mesmerizing. It’s easy to stare up and ponder the vastness of the universe and the mysteries of life. But one thing that won’t remain a mystery is what exactly you’re looking at, thanks to the stargazing guides, who sit with families out by the fire revealing the secrets of the heavens.

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