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Travel is 'perfect' for marketing with virtual reality

By Jamie Biesiada / Travel Weekly Virtuoso invited agents and employees to demonstrate travel videos on an Oculus Rift headset during Virtuoso Travel Week last August. Photo Credit: Virtuoso Gordon Meyer, director of virtual reality (VR) company YouVisit, will tell you that travel is the ideal space for the technology to make an impact because it provides a visual medium to showcase destinations and experiences that is far more vivid and experiential than flat, two-dimensional media. "The pairing of travel and VR just makes so much sense," he said. "It's a perfect-use case for VR." The industry is taking note and beginning to test VR programs. For example, Meyer's company has worked with several destinations to create VR content, and Ascape, another VR company, is also working with travel brands, providing virtual tours of destinations for companies like JetBlue. VR is in the early stages of making its way into the agency space, as well. Ascape recently par…