Emotions Enhance Memory

Emotions Enhance Memory
by Damien Martin

Close your eyes and think of your most vivid memory. Got it? Good. What did you feel in that moment? Joy? Heartache? Odds are, you can recall almost exactly how you felt because you were experiencing powerful emotions.

It’s no secret that people remember emotional events well, but a study by New York University recently published in Nature Neuroscience has found that these events have a “hangover” effect. This means that right after an intense experience, we remember little things better too.

That explains why I could tell you all about the friendly bartender who let us take our bottle of wine outside to celebrate along the Seine the night I proposed to my wife in Paris. It’s also why I remember the smell by the river causing us to cut the evening short. The point is, I remember everything about that trip, not just the big moment.

That’s what makes entrusting your memories to the Virtuoso travel advisors at Largay such a wise investment. Paris is Paris. The view
from atop the Eiffel Tower will be breathtaking no matter how you get up there. But what else will you remember? Will you remember waiting in a seemingly endless line, or will you remember breezing right past that line and going straight to the top? Will you remember wondering what buildings you’re looking at, or will you remember your guide telling you in detail the history of each? Will you remember wandering around afterward looking for a decent cafĂ©, or will you remember the delicious meal at a restaurant your advisor recommended? After all, they’re your memories for the rest of your life. Create them wisely.

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