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Local travel firm Largay takes flight

Local travel firm Largay takes flight

If you are among the believers that the internet killed the local travel agency you’re about to be proven wrong. Well, at least that’s the case for Largay Travel Inc. in Waterbury, started in 1969 by Roland Largay at a time before the infancy of the web and ability to instantly purchase airline tickets and book hotel rooms from your iPhone. Paul Largay, Roland Largay’s nephew, joined the business in 1982, also a time when the business model was different. “What is really unique and kind of neat about it is I grew in the Waterbury area and I have always been a very large part of the Waterbury community and this business has really blossomed because of the community,” said Paul Largay, chief executive officer. “Like every industry there are some challenging times we have gone through in 48 years, but the business has never been stronger.” Largay said the business started with just two people and a dream. Now nearly…

An epic journey to celebrate life together

An epic journey to celebrate life together by Silvanna Frappier
Our unique adventure with Windstar cruises through Athens, the Greek islands of Monemvasia and Gythion, the Italian treasures of Lipari, Sicily, Amalfi, and Rome. Here we tell all of it’s history and culture, through pictures and paragraphs. So here I invite you to travel together with me on this amazing itinerary with the luxury small cruise Windstar through Enchanting of Greece and the Amalfi Coast! The land of Goddess Athena, the Spartans and Gladiators. If you haven’t been yet, it should be on your bucket list!

What better way to remember each of your years together than to take a trip together? Travel can be a rewarding experience. A vacation is a much deserved treat, and weathering any unexpected challenges together will provide you anecdotes and memories for your lifetime as a couple.
Anniversary should fill you with happy memories of the time you have spent together and joyful thoughts of years still to come.

Emotions Enhance Memory

Emotions Enhance Memory by Damien Martin
Close your eyes and think of your most vivid memory. Got it? Good. What did you feel in that moment? Joy? Heartache? Odds are, you can recall almost exactly how you felt because you were experiencing powerful emotions.
It’s no secret that people remember emotional events well, but a study by New York University recently published in Nature Neuroscience has found that these events have a “hangover” effect. This means that right after an intense experience, we remember little things better too.

That explains why I could tell you all about the friendly bartender who let us take our bottle of wine outside to celebrate along the Seine the night I proposed to my wife in Paris. It’s also why I remember the smell by the river causing us to cut the evening short. The point is, I remember everything about that trip, not just the big moment.

That’s what makes entrusting your memories to the Virtuoso travel advisors at Largay such a wise investment. Paris is …