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Travel Advising with Cultural Tolerance and Understanding in the Middle East

When I received my invitation to attend the 2014 Virtuoso Chairman's Event in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I was thrilled.  The United Arab Emirates has been an up and coming destination that has become more and more popular in recent years.  However, as I planned for my trip and spoke to friends and family about my journey, the response was less than favorable.  Many people replied, "Wow, aren't  you afraid", "Don't you think it's a scary time to be in theMiddleEast" and "Please be careful" were some of many phrases I heard.  Having sent many travelers to the UAE in recent years, I wasn't concerned about safety in the least bit, but was curious how I would feel about the culture and way of life.  You see, like many people in the US, I have always looked at the Islamic way of life with curiosity and concern.  The news has been no help and I have to admit that I have always secretly stared at the covered women and felt an urge to tear off their…