Captain Bob's Mis-Guided Tours - Finding the Meaning of It All

Denise & Amanda on Lake Granby, Colorado
As we boarded the pontoon boat on Lake Granby, CO to distribute my father’s ashes on the island he requested in the Rocky Mountains at the headwaters of the Colorado River it started to become clear to us why we were really here.  I truly believe my father’s decision to place his ashes here were not as much about being there himself, as it was about getting his two daughters back to the Rocky Mountain one more time. 

 You see, our family lives in the Rockies and as children, we visited every year and it was always a huge part of our life.  As adults, however,  my sister and I just didn’t go as much.  Even without his daughters, my dad always made time to visit and Aunt Jeannette and cousins Robert and Lisa, always loved his visits.  The last trip he took was with them to Yellowstone National Park.  I truly believe that was why we were there and why he chose this spot for his ashes…….so Denise and I could remember how much we loved to visit our family and the Colorado Rockies.

One of Captain Bob's Final Resting Places

So, as we cruised across the placid lake, landed on the island while being stalked by a pair of osprey that had made their home on the island, and laid my father to rest by his parents at the top of the island by the rock, shaped like a headstone, we committed to return to this amazing place.  A place where the headwaters of the Colorado River begin, a  place that we explored as children and learned about the world and a place that my dad will forever call home.

Of course the remainder of our trip was not without lots of mishaps, reminiscing and cheesy sightseeing stops.  While traveling, we made sure to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, so we could balance on top of the Continental Divide.  Hours of game viewing, even though the biggest game we saw was a chipmonk and a field mouse.  A stop for a geocache  at the Kauffman House Museum and of course, a stop at Buffalo Bill’s Grave Site because who can resist a highway sign advertising what is sure to be amazing!

Dividing myself up at The Divide
A visit to Buffalo Bill's Grave Site

My last thought is this…….as I lay on the top bunk of our bunk beds and joked about how I was laying in bed with my hands on the ceiling, I couldn't help but feel how much my dad would have loved this. The crisp mountain air, the laugh of his girls as we joked about our childhood and lots and lots of stops at ALL of the tourist hot spots.  

For now we will journey home with lots of new tales and memories for our loved ones and maybe even a fish tale or two. Then two weeks from now, we will be departing again on the last Mis-Guided Tour to the Florida Keys. I’m sure having Tristan, Courtney and Suzanne along on this next journey will only add to the adventure.

We love you dad and will continue the journies of Captain Bob’s Mis-Guided Tours

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