“Did a coconut mojito really make me cry?” My visit to The Modern Honolulu

I just returned from a week in Waikiki and was fortunate enough to stay at The Modern Honolulu for my first time.  From the moment I arrived I was delighted and astonished. The Modern Honolulu defines themselves as “cosmopolitan chic," and that’s exactly what they are.  Sexy and sophisticated.  The aroma of plumeria greeted me immediately upon entry. Now I’ll be the first to admit that at the very mention of perfume (AH-CHOOO!) I sneeze uncontrollably.  But this scent was so very subtle and perfect. I found myself popping down to the lobby throughout the week just to catch another whiff. Well, either that, or to catch another glimpse of the quirky Herbie Fletcher original broken-in-action surfboard back splash.

The rooms were aesthetically divine, so crisp and clean looking; all white with a slight pop of Hawaiian color. I was relaxed just looking at the décor.  No tacky artwork or paisley bedspreads in sight. There are only 310 guest rooms in this hotel, the perfect size boutique setting that I so love.  There was a wedding occurring while I was there and it was absolutely beautiful.  You can actually have your guests sit on chairs IN THE POOL.  Talk about a unique.  (Okay, I should mention that the upper pool is a 4 inch wading pool, but the perfect WOW factor for your wedding!).

Speaking of the pool area, The Modern has two.  There is the Sunrise Pool below for all to enjoy, and a Sunset Pool above for adults only (which is where you will have your wedding!).  The upper Sunset Pool was my favorite. It was just like a sandy lagoon, surrounded by palms and other plants to make you feel as though you were right there on the beach.  And though The Modern is not directly on the beach, it is very close.  It overlooks the marina, which I found to be a nice change. The beach was just a stone’s throw away, and I can honestly say that I did not miss the sounds of a thousand screaming children playing in the surf.  I was perfectly happy enjoying my mojito in my lagoon-like setting.  And, yes, I almost cried on the first day when I had the Modern’s signature coconut mojito because I could not imagine my stay getting any better.

Until….dinner time! The Modern is home to Morimoto Waikiki, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s signature restaurant.  From the Rock Shrimp Tempura and Spicy Alaskan King Crab, to the Tuna Pizza and the Black Cod Miso, everything far exceeded my expectations.  Full sushi bar, organic local ingredients, elegant décor.  You will not be disappointed with this gastronomic pinnacle.  I ate there every…single…night. Yes, I still dream about it.

I ended each night with a nightcap in The Study, a lobby lounge hidden behind a revolving bookcase and revealed only in the evening at 5 pm. With drinks named after literary works, you will delight in War and Peace (Jack Daniels Tennessee sour mash, bruised to perfection with fresh pressed lemon and fresh mint, served on the rocks with a splash of seltzer and dash of Peychaud’s bitters), The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (an uncommon pairing of sweet and bubbly Prosecco with crisp and tart Raspberry Chambord, served up in a champagne flute), or Fire Across the Sea (The Study’s signature mix of wasabi and Sriracha with Grey Goose vodka and Japanese horseradish).  English Composition has never been this delicious.

Please feel free to contact Largay advisor, Susie Heid  with any questions, reservations or more information on the Modern Honolulu or about Hawaii at suzie@largaytravel.com or call 1-888-632-2660.

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