Best of Jamacia's All-Inclusive Resorts for Couples

Mark & Tiadora visited Ocho Rios, Jamaica on December 3-9, 2013 and stayed at the beautiful and all-inclusive Couples Tower Isle Resort. This all-inclusive property is modern, clean and up to date as it has just underwent a million dollar renovation. Between Couple's Tower Isle and close by Couple's San Souci, this was the best choice as the San Souci property is very old.

Tower Isle's staff was amazing, very attentive and helpful. The bartenders were the best especially Terry, Pasqua, and Omar! The resort's decor was beautiful and had an open air feeling to it. The lobby was actually open so the breeze passed through the entire time.
Tia and Mark at Couples
View from their room

Lobster Night at Eight Rivers

The food was amazing all over the resort. The buffet tasted good with an excellent variety but tended to get cold quickly. The presentation was amazing at the buffet, and the people were so friendly. The Veranda is the Jamaican restaurant which is very laid back, with great service and people and the food was amazing! We ate out of coconuts, which was so cool! We liked this spot because we were able to listen to the ocean and enjoy ourselves. Eight Rivers is the upscale restaurant on property where the servers are very proper and the decor is simple and beautiful.  The lobster bisque has to be the best I've ever had but all the food was very good! The Asian Bistro is our favorite restaurant, because it sat right on the ocean and was so relaxing to have dinner out there. Though the service was the worst we had all vacation the food was amazing! I especially loved the plating and the layout. The Veggie Bar was open during the day and you could have fresh veggies with different kind of dips as well as plantain chips. They also made fresh fruit smoothies and drinks in fresh coconuts. Pool Grill was a great place because it was open all day and was the perfect snack place when you were hungry. Their hours are 12:00 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.- 6:00 a.m. They had ice cream, nachos, and popcorn and soda and water at all times. They also offered Jamaican beef and chicken patties, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, calamari etc.

The Silver Bird Band

The entertainment had its ups and downs. The Silver Bird Steel Drum Band was the best. Their enthusiasm these players had brought the crowd alive. We even bought their CD! The cultural night where we got to see dancers dance to the crazy beat of the drums was uplifting and we got to experience some of the Jamaican culture. The band that played nightly was a different story. The Leonardo Show time and the FusXion Band had a great singer but really need a better variety of songs.  They were the band that played every night it definitely got boring listening to them. They needed more up to date songs and should try more out of the box ideas to entertain the crowd. It was really quiet some nights not a lot of people stayed out late.

Hanging out with some wildlife
The excursions were awesome! We went Canopy Zip lining with Island Routes Tours. The course was  was about an hour away from the resort but so worth that hour! We went up this long dirt road and the workers made this experience worth it! They joked around the entire time with us it truly was an experience. We were so high up in the mountains you really felt like you were in the jungle.  As first time zip liners they made our experience worth it and we would definitely do it again!  We bought pictures and they had a whole shop of souvenirs if you wanted them as well.

Conch man in front of private island 
Dunns Falls is the famous tourist attract that was definitely a must see while are in Jamaica.  I would recommend for anyone who comes here to buy water shoes before you come on vacation. We bought them while we were there and for two pairs they were $24.00. You could rent them at the falls but they did look a little dingy. I also would recommend bringing a waterproof camera- this is something I didn’t think about and I wish I brought.  They offer a video to buy but not pictures. A waterproof camera or Gopro camera would allow you to take pictures of the falls up close and personal.  When you are leaving the falls, you end up walking through a market. Here the locals try and be real sneaky and they will try to get you into their shop by showing you something and complementing you. Before you know it, they are writing you name on wood and then you are paying them. The point is you have to stay strong and walk through otherwise you will definitely be paying a lot.

Some downfall and criticisms.
- The one thing that I would change is not getting the latest possible flight because Monday was a wasted day.  Our flight left at 2:42 p.m. and we had to leave our resort at 9:00 a.m. then had to go pick up people at Couples San Souci. We didn’t get to the airport until 11:30 a.m. maybe later.  It was frustrating because the people we were with had earlier flights and took right off from there. Ours was one of the last ones and it seemed like it was way longer of a day than it needed to be.

Our travel advisor, Ms. Jessica Siregar from our Largay Travel, we cannot thank enough for all her hard work and dedication that put into making our Jamaica vacation so epic and amazing.  She truly went above and beyond, spent hours in planning and helping me find the right price and the perfect resort.  Couples Tower Isle was exactly what we wanted, it is what we envisioned and we cannot wait to start planning our next vacation with her. Thank you again, for being so patience and helping with everything you are truly such an amazing person keep doing what you are doing love!

If you would like to learn more about the best all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico, contact your Largay Advisor, Jessica Siregar at and she can help you plan your next epic journey.

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