Discover Bavaria’s Culture, Beer & Wine in the Magical Land of Germany

I recently participated in an educational trip to the Bavaria region of Germany. Germany has so much to offer and every state is a little different. There are 16 states within Germany.  I never get tired of visiting Germany since there is always something different. During this visit I saw the amazing fall colors everywhere that were more breathtaking than New England colors at times!

Our first stop was Wurzburg in the German State of Franconia, truly one of the loveliest baroque cities in Germany.  You will notice the old and new with so much charm everywhere you look. Franconian are always on the world's top wine awards and certainly worth tastings whenever you can. There are many “Weinstuben” restaurants which have their own tasting rooms and many own their own vineyards.  Make sure to make stops at the various green markets and especially the Christmas market. 

If you plan on driving the “Romantic Road," this drive is on the top of my list. Wurzburg is a perfect town to visit as a first stop after arriving in Frankfurt. Don’t miss the Residence Palace after walking through Old Town. 

Second stop was Bamberg, located in Franconian Rome, the city's nickname is the “Seven Hill City." Bamberg is a Unesco Heritage city. Also known as little Venice, with water canals running through some of the town. The olde towne is so charming and dating back from the 11th Century. You must walk up Cathedral hill for a breathtaking view of the city and visit the Imperial Cathedral.
The concert hall of Bamberg is very modern with a top notch symphony. The local beer delicacy is “Smoked Beer” just delicious, a stop at the Brau Gaststatte Schlenkerla for lunch and smoked beer. 
For a contemporary touch on German food go to Gasthaus Eckerts, they even serve beer ice cream! 

The drive from one city to the next is just beautiful with rolling hill vistas.  If you are not visiting these cities on a River Cruise you can find a quick boat tour available.  You can go canoeing and rafting from this town. Many bike and hiking trails as well.

From Eisenhut Hotel Rooftop Rothenburg, Germany

The third stop was Rothenburg. You are visiting a small town along the Romantic Road, this town is located inside medieval walls and in the old days the gates were locked at night for protection. This village has half-timbered buildings and imposing fortifications, much of the townscape is as it was in the middle ages.The famous Christmas store, Kathe Wohlfahrt, is located right across from the famous Hotel Eisenhut, which is a perfect pairing in my opinion. This area also has many vineyards and wineries, a stop at Weingut Hotel Glocke for lunch or dinner will be memorable.

There is a fun “Night Watchman’s “ walking tour given in the evening. Please remember most of these villages have cobblestone streets and can get very slippery.  I always tell clients to pack hiking boots, and wear them everyday to help with the cobblestone streets.

We made our fourth stop in Nordlingen surrounded by a 2.7 kilometer long city wall with accessible parapet walk.  You can almost picture the battles that took place back in 1634.  This town was also hit by a one kilometer stone meteorite 15 million years ago, they have a very interesting museum tracing the history. Our actual destination that day was Starnberg, a lovely town on a lake in Bernried. This is only 30-40 minutes from Munich and becoming a wealthy commuter refuge. You could spend a lovely lake holiday here. The famous Andechs Abbey is located nearby and worth a stop for beer tasting and food.

The fifth stop  was Munich. There is so much to see and do in Munich like the Olympic Stadium, and the BMW Museum. There are actually 46 museums in Munich.  Too much to see and do, I would spend a few nights here and do day trips as well. 

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