A Five Star Experience in Florence Italy at The Hotel Brunelleschi

I'm happy to say that I finally made it to Florence!  Although it was a very short visit (only about 20 hours and part of the time I was asleep), it was enough for me to realize the 'magic' of this beautiful city!  The first thing that was very apparent to me was that you should NOT drive if the purpose of the trip is to visit the historical city center!  Even for the experienced driver it is extremely difficult to navigate the streets of Florence. Two-way streets can barely fit one car through, let alone two!  And of course there are areas marked that say 'Area Pedonale', which means 'Pedestrian Area' so naturally an American tourist will avoid turning in those streets; little did I know that you can (and need to) actually turn in those streets in order to get to where you're going to!

So the first (and only) challenge was getting to the Hotel Brunelleschi. After following the navigation system around the same area about three times, I finally called the hotel and spoke to Sergio, the front desk concierge, who guided us to the same area we had passed multiple times. When we got closer to the hotel he had the Bellman step outside and guide us the rest of the way  for the last two turns!  Sergio stayed on the phone with me until we safely made it to the courtyard.  So this is the view that magically appears once you turn that last corner!

The hotel has historical significance dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries, part of it once being a church and the tower part at one time being a women's prison.  What is so beautiful about this hotel is the fact that they have preserved the historical aspect of it yet have remodeled it to make it one of the most luxurious hotels in all of Florence!

View from my window

The location is absolutely perfect, in my opinion.  For someone wanting to be in the historical part of Florence there really is  no better location, no better hotel than The Brunelleschi.  It is a stone's throw from Ponte Vecchio and from Piazza della Signoria, the 'leather market' and so many cafes, restaurants, gelaterias, etc.  It is a very unique gem, no 'cookie-cutter' look for this place!  And better yet is the staff, starting with Claudio Catani, the General Manager, and then on to Sergio, Antonella, and Stefano.   In my short stay each and every person that I came in contact with was extremely and genuinely pleasant, and greeted every guest that they passed by.


Claudio stated that 35 percent of the guests at Brunelleschi are American tourists therefore it is extremely important for them to make sure that all of the things that are important to Americans are available to guests. With flat-screen huge TV's, Nespresso coffee makers & electrical outlets for U.S. appliances, EXTREMELY comfortable beds, nice sized rooms, beautiful marble bathrooms with great water pressure (Which may seems silly to point out these things but it is important!), free WiFi, the list goes on & on.  The rooms are beautifully and carefully decorated, very elegant, but not formal & stuffy.  The fabrics are luxurious, and the linens are amazing!
I have to say it is one of the most impressive hotels that I have ever had the opportunity to stay at in Europe. It is unique, beautifully situated, luxurious, and as I previously mentioned has a great staff!  I will recommend it every opportunity that I have!

For more information about booking this hotel or about Florence, please contact Largay Advisor, Vira Mastroianni at vira@largaytravel.com or call 1-888-632-2660.

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