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American's Love Affair with Beaches and My Love of the Emerald Coast of Florida

It's that time of year again! School has either begun or is about to begin in the Northeast corner of America. Our last unofficial weekend of the summer kicks off tomorrow in the U.S.
Largay advisors have traveled domestically and internationally all summer long and we continue to share our experiences here on, "The Largay Advisor" blog. From Latin America to the West coast of the states, Largay advisors have found amazing beaches for couples, adults and families for you to experience your next love affair with the beach. As we end another 120 days of summer, I would like to reflect on how this came to be such an American love affair. (*infographic below)

I can't remember a time when my vacation didn't include the beach, sun or some sort of natural body of water. When we were young Cape Cod and Myrtle Beach were some hot spot beaches and as we grew up we were lucky enough to play in the sand in Maui,Hawaii, Bali, Indonesia and Bermuda. There is something about th…

Fear of Flying and the Ironic Career Choice

“Lift,"  “Thrust,” “Drag,” “Pull”  I seem to recall a speech at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum that these are the four scientific properties governing flight.  They are quantifiable and easily applied to aircraft design and operation by those in the know, yet I remain mystified by the whole process.  To me, aerospace science must surely be a close relative to alchemy. I just don't get it.
Hence, the ultimate irony… I am a travel advisor with a tremendous fear of flying.  (For your sakes, I will not delineate the physical and psychological manifestations of my anxiety).  Believe it or not, I am not unique. I am just more open about it. 
So, that begs two obvious questions: Why do I continue to expose myself to the flight anxiety and what steps do I take to mitigate the severity of the symptoms.  Travel is my addiction of choice.  It separates me from the mundane minutiae of everyday life.  No “staycations “ for me.   I need to physically remove myself from my usual sur…