Top Ten Useful Travel Applications for Smartphones and Tablets

When sitting in a restaurant, airport, train, friend's house, really everywhere you go, people have their heads stuck in their smartphones and tablets. Why? Because this tech-driven generation has a need to email, share and scroll through social media, play games, organize the life, and search for information 24/7/365.
Here are the statistics from Constant Contact:

133.7 million people in the U.S. currently own a smartphone.80% of these individuals check their mobile devices within 15 minutes of waking up each morning.
AND  79% have their phones with them for 22 hours a day. 
They use their smartphones to open 43% of their emails and to communicate and use social media for an average of 120 minutes a day.

When traveling in a foreign country, a good smartphone or tablet application or "App" can help your day flow faster, more efficient and guide you to whatever you may be looking for that day.

Wikitude app

What is the best restaurant in a 5 mile radius? 
What times does the train run to New York City? 
How much is the Euro to Dollar exchange rate? 
What is this building I am looking at?  
Is there availability at a five start hotel tonight?
Is there a bathroom close to my next gate so I don't miss my connection?
I had such a good time I forgot to send a postcard! 

All the above questions and issues that can be quickly resolved with these ten useful apps.

1. Skype WiFi- If you haven't used Skype yet, I am sure you have used some sort of video calling site or application (akak Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc). Skype Wifi  allows you to access the internet, any where you are, and charges per minute for only the time you used. 
Why I love it: No matter where I am in the world I can video chat with my dad.  

2. TripIt - Voted Best Travel Mobile App in 2011, forward all your hotel, flight and tour confirmation emails to and it magically creates out your trips itinerary. 
Why I love it: You can print and share your itinerary with others.

3. Tripwolf - Provides travel guides for major cities all over the world. This app will even provide maps when offline. 
Why I love it: The pictures and city maps are helpful for explore unfamiliar city streets.

4. All Subway - Gives the routes, schedules or directions using public transit all over the world.
Why I love it: It has more than 160 maps from major cities in six continents. (Sorry Antarctica) 

5. Wikitude - Award winning app helps you be informed about your surroundings- from restaurants, historical buildings, bodies of water, nightlife, entertainment, hotels, etc. Simply take a picture of where you are and Wikitude identifies what it sees and tells you all about the locations in the picture. 
Why I love it: You can take a picture of money and get your exchange rate.

6. SendPostCard - Great pictures can be shared easily through email and social media but this app allows you to take a picture from your trip and create it into a personalized postcard for your non-digital family and friends.
Why I love it: Unlike similar apps, SendPostCard will ship within 24 hours so you can be sure that your family and friends get the postcard before you return.

7. Jetsetter - app can find you a value hotel deals worldwide but Jetsetter will get you the best of the best hotels, deals, availability and exclusive advise from their expert travel staff. 
Why I love it: It is a luxury travel app with great information, pictures, easy to use and is like having a Largay Advisor in your pocket!

8. XE Currency - Well-known and used website for currency exchange has its own app making it convenient to exchange when traveling from country to country. It saves the last exchange rate when not connected to WiFi so you can be as accurate as possible.
Why I love it: It is a trusted website and easy to use. 

9. Foodspotting - This app has received many recognition and awards for finding and sharing great dishes, not just restaurants all over the world. Still developing in less traveled cities as this is an app created and growing through travelers who share photos of their meals.
Why I love it: I love the pictures of the food, with the brief review and the map.

10. Writing Kit - For someone like me who likes to journal their journeys, this app is easy to use, save in Dropbox (a internet file box in the sky) and has lots of useful features for writing.
Why I love it: It's more than just for travel, its for productivity. Also, so I can share great information like this with my family, friends and blog followers!

Before you next vacation, journey or holiday, download some of these apps and try them out for yourself. There are new and better apps coming out almost everyday, so please comment and share your favorite travels apps with us. Email me and tell me what other travel topics you want to know more about at 

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