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Cruise Small Ships for the Best Service on the Seas

Largay Travel Advisors took a tour of the lovely Oceania Regatta in New York City last year and thoroughly enjoyed their experience!  Traveling on a smaller ship is a unique experience that can change your view of how you normally cruise. This elegant alternative to bigger ships offers special attention to passengers with its European atmosphere and cuisine. Ask your Largay Advisor about the Oceania Regatta's destinations and sailing dates by contacting us at

Where in the World Wednesday

Where in the World Wednesday
One of our newest Largay Advisors, Pam Martin Gay, enjoyed this view when she opened the drapes to her stateroom on Crystal Cruises Serenity. At 6:00 a.m., she calls this her double shot of espresso. Beautiful!
Do you know what port in the world Pam is pulling up to in this picture?

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Top Ten Useful Travel Applications for Smartphones and Tablets

When sitting in a restaurant, airport, train, friend's house, really everywhere you go, people have their heads stuck in their smartphones and tablets. Why? Because this tech-driven generation has a need to email, share and scroll through social media, play games, organize the life, and search for information 24/7/365.
Here are the statistics from Constant Contact:

133.7 million people in the U.S. currently own a smartphone.80% of these individuals check their mobile devices within 15 minutes of waking up each morning.
AND  79% have their phones with them for 22 hours a day.
They use their smartphones to open 43% of their emails and to communicate and use social media for an average of 120 minutes a day.

When traveling in a foreign country, a good smartphone or tablet application or "App" can help your day flow faster, more efficient and guide you to whatever you may be looking for that day.

The Best in Luxury Travel - Roland Largay

It is with both sadness & joy that I must advise you of the passing of our cherished and beloved‘Uncle Roland’. Please enjoy this video of the man who was 'luxury' before luxury was cool. Here he accepts his Travel Advisor of the Year award from Luxury Travel Expo. His words, joy and passion are what inspire us at Largay Travel and many others who grew up with him in the travel industry. As a newbie to the industry, I am not afraid to say that the owner of my company honestly shaped the path and the paths of so many families most unforgettable life journeys. I only wish I met him sooner to enjoy his stories and the joy he transcended to everyone who met him. His joy and positive energy is easily seen in others when they speak of Uncle Roland and that is some kind of amazing spirit that will never die. Roland Largay will truly be missed here but will, for me, be the best example of how to LIVE your life. What a life he lived and we will celebrate!
"Uncle Roland was ma…

Travel the Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations of 2013

There are many things to consider when deciding where you want to spend your honeymoon. My best friend had asked me to help her and her soon to be hubby to be about a few good choices for their honeymoon destination. Without giving too much personal information, I put this same question out to my experienced travel advisors at Largay Travel. Budget, time of year and their personal styles should be considered, I came up with a general list of Largay's favorites and our first "Top Ten List." 
When planning your honeymoon consider that the Caribbean and Pacific have a hurricane season that is active June thru November. And with global warming resulting in some of our biggest storms in October and November in the past few years. With that in mind, if you cannot/will not change your wedding date and still want to plan a romantic beachside honeymoon post reception, we recommend adding insurance to your trip. Some of our suppliers like Travel Impressions, offer a good insurance …

Bucket List Destination Alert! Amanda Klimak and Friends Travel to the End of the World.

Patagonia is not just a clothing and sport outfitter, it is an amazing region of the world that spreads over Argentina and Chile. In this video, get a taste of the Tierra Patagonia Resort and Spa experience in the most southern part of Chile. This resort is located on the edge of Torres del Paine National Park and offers breathtaking views of mountains, glaciers, the blue lagoon and wildlife. This spot is a photographers dream!
The Tierra Patagonia experience offers the best of Chilean wines and local cuisine in a sustainable, unique and well designed facility for the location. Relax in their infinity pools, jacuzzi and spa rooms with view or watch the sunset over the mountains and sit around an open fire with your friends.