The Perfect Match to Travel Happy

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." - St. Augustine

One of my favorite and inspiring series of travel videos, "Where the hell is Matt?" , has evolved in its years of existence. Matt, from Westport, CT, quit his job at 23 years old and took off to explore the planet until he figured things out or until money ran out, or whichever happens first really. Upon his return,  he blogged about his journey and posted a video that became pretty popular on YouTube. Today, the video you will watch on this post is the product Matt's successful business. Matt is still traveling, dancing and sharing with people all over the world to encourage others to find happiness and possibly success through travel. He inspired me to blog during my trip to Brazil in 2011 and now I am the newest member of Largay Travel. 

The advisors of Largay Travel encourage their clients and friends to travel with a purpose. Whether that purpose is relaxation, quality family time, volunteerism, adventure or a bucket list destination, these Largettes and Larguys listen to what YOU want and provide you the perfect itinerary and advice when reaching your destination. Our advice and insight is what makes your trip more than just a vacation chosen from pictures off the internet and strangers hotel reviews. We create a path or itinerary for a journey that YOU want to experience and will never be forgotten.

I hope you enjoy his video and share it to encourage more people to, 'Please Go Away!'
Contact me at and I can match you up a Largay specialist that best matches your travel purpose.

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