Meeting a Modern Day Explorer

At last night's "Nature Travel Series" Event,  I met the modern day Christopher Columbus! As he spoke about his life, it reminded me of a cross between the Discovery Channel and the History Channel revealed right in front of me. Olaf Malver, Chief Exploratory Officer of Natural Habitat Expeditions (a branch of Natural Habitat Adventures), is today's modern day explorer. He searches for animals and new habitats in the most remote areas of the world, this is what he calls "Real Travel."

His journeys range from kayaking the great island of Greenland as it faces the impact of global warming, to paddling down the Mekong River in the center of Asia's Indochina via mysterious caves and inlets. He leads smalls groups through these unique tours around the world.
This is not spectator travel, not the Ritz Carlton, this is real travel and you are an active participant in this journey. The places you see on television or the internet are the places you can explore for yourself with Natural Habitat Adventures.

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