Magical Balloons on the Move

Last night I visited the Plainville Balloon Fest for the “balloon glow” at dusk and as always, I was truly mesmerized.  I’m not sure if it’s the size of the balloons, the spectacular colors or the sound of the blowers heating the air but either way, I am instantly transported back in time.  As a child growing up in New England, hot air balloons floating over our house were a common place occurrence.  Normally we would hear them, long before we would see them and often we would pile into our family wagon to join the chase vehicle following the balloon so we could witness the landing.

Now as a travel specialist I am often arranging balloon rides for my clients.  Floating high above the plains over the Maasi Mara in Kenya while on a Micato Safari, drifting slowly over Burgundy’s Medieval Castles and gazing onto the excitement of the Palio horse race in Sienna with Buddy Bombardare just a few of the adventures I have arranged through the years.  Each time my client return with amazing stories of herds of elephants and zebra, picturesque views of the landscape and life-long memories from above.  Ballooning will always hold a special place in my heart as I continue to share this excitement with my clients, family and friends.

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