Do you know what it takes to be a Cruise Expert?

Lena Brown of Largay Travel has been designated as a Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Cruise Counselor after recently completing the organization’s Certification requirements. Lena Brown is recognized within the cruise industry as an Accredited Cruise Counselor and will continue onto her Master Cruise Counselor.

Brown has achieved Cruise Counselor Certification through completion of a comprehensive program of cruise sales training and product instructions, delivered through a combination of extensive classroom training and personal cruise experience CLIA’s Certification program graduates are widely recognized as the foremost cruise vacation experts among American travel agents. Brown attended the Cruise 360, in Florida two years ago, and took two days of workshops and seminars with classes that required tests. She sailed on two ships, one seven or more days and one less than seven days. She booked 25 cruises in the time frame with five ship inspections
Largay Travel Inc. is one of more than 16,000 North American travel agency members of CLIA. According to CLIA statistics, the overwhelming majority of travelers- about 90 %- book their cruise through a travel agency and for good reason- travel agents understanding the products they recommend and excel in finding the perfect cruise to match their clients’ needs, lifestyle and budget.

Largay Travel is proud members of Virtuoso, an exclusive worldwide network of travel specialists, and Roland Largay capably serves as Chairman Emeritus of the Virtuoso Advisory Board. Our membership provides for exclusive travel experiences and guarantees values not available or accessible to outsiders. Virtuoso membership is limited to fewer than 1% of all global agencies which enables us to offer you complimentary upgrades, outstanding amenities and privileged access to events throughout the world.

CLIA’s Certified Cruise Counselors are the cruise industry’s premiere travel agents and can arrange all of your vacation needs while providing the greatest service and value for your vacation dollar.
To contact Lena Brown, call 203-565-2940 or email

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