Adult Spring Break in Jamaica. It's not just for the College Students!

One of my favorite expressions is “oldies by goodies.”  I abbreviate it as OBG.  In the travel business, we are always looking for the next best thing.  Sometimes, however, we should remember the OBGs.  I just returned from a wonderful exploration of some of the top luxury properties in Jamaica.  Low key grace, beauty and elegance are some of the words which come to mind.  Jamaica has so many unique offerings and it is ridiculously easy to visit. Above all, it is the people who make the island.  Service is unparalleled and genuine.  I have highlighted some of my favorite properties below.

Half Moon
This is a sprawling low density property with its own golf course, dolphin experience and huge spa. The kids program is super and the play village for the kids is adorable.  I particularly loved the villas. They are fully staffed and come with golf carts to allow the guests to travel around the property.

Round Hill
A mixture of hotel rooms and unique open air villas, Round Hill is located in a secluded cove outside Montego Bay. It too, is family friendly. The hotel rooms have been decorated by Ralph Lauren. They are almost all white with pops of vibrant pinks and blues.  There are no tvs in the rooms. This is all about being chill.

Jamaica Inn
Am I allowed to say that this is one of my all time favorites?  Jamaica Inn is probably on one of the best beaches in Jamaica.  It has perfected the concept of outside living. The bedrooms are smallish. But, the patios are actually full outdoor living spaces with desk, sofas, tables and fabulous views.  I actually indulged in “room” service for breakfast. The waiter did not even have to enter the bedroom to set it up.  He just placed it directly on the table in my outdoor living space. This is strictly an adult property.  Children 10 or older are allowed at select times of the year.

Totally cool, but not tragically hip!  As the name hints, Goldeneye contains the estate house of Ian Fleming, where  many a James Bond novel was penned. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this property! The suites have the latest in high tech gadgetry, but the vibe is still low beach bumming.  Kids are welcome. Water toys abound. The property just made me smile.

I could go on and on about my visit to Jamaica, its people, the manor houses, spectacular food….Still on my “to do” list for Jamaica, the Jamaica Bobsled Experience.  I know it sounds totally hokey, but even low key elegant folk like me enjoy a thrill every so often.

If you are interested in planning an adult spring break in Jamaica, please contact Ellen Goldman or any of our expert travel advisors at and mention this blog post!

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