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Paul Largay talks with CBS Travel Editor, Peter Greenberg

Paul Largay recently had the opportunity to talk with CBS Travel Editor, Peter Greenberg, about what’s new in the world of travel.  The discussion was both fun and insightful.
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Adult Spring Break in Jamaica. It's not just for the College Students!

One of my favorite expressions is “oldies by goodies.”  I abbreviate it as OBG.  In the travel business, we are always looking for the next best thing.  Sometimes, however, we should remember the OBGs.  I just returned from a wonderful exploration of some of the top luxury properties in Jamaica.  Low key grace, beauty and elegance are some of the words which come to mind.  Jamaica has so many unique offerings and it is ridiculously easy to visit. Above all, it is the people who make the island.  Service is unparalleled and genuine.  I have highlighted some of my favorite properties below.