What's for lunch in Belize, Central America?

Lunch served by beautiful Mayan ladies dressed in white dresses with bright floral accents.  The dishes were typical of the Latin culture.

Salbutes stuffed with pico de gallo, cabbage, and chicken

Ceviche with plantain chips

Chicken soup with cabbage and potatoes

We ate a delicious lunch at Iris’s Sunny Side Up, a small restaurant in Hopkins village.  The previous owner, Iris, started the restaurant 16 years ago with no running water or electricity.  She still lives upstairs but the restaurant is now owned by a South African woman.  She kept Iris’ name.

Iris’s Sunny Side Up

Lightly fried Snapper fingers with a ginger sauce and new potatoes.

Fried plantains and black beans with Chicken curry and vegetable.

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