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The Goldman "Family Mission" to Israel

FACT: Goldmans don’t gush. I, in particular, tend to be a woman of few words, especially in the company of my ever-loquacious family. For some odd reason, however, I desire to memorialize my feelings our family trip to Israel. I have had the privilege of traveling extensively, both in the United States and abroad. Without exception, I enjoy my jaunts during the time of the travel and lament their end once I return home. This Israel experience, however, is quite a different matter. It has “legs.” Every moment was jam packed with adventure, history and just plain fun. Now that I am home, I find myself reliving and analyzing each day. A trip to Israel usually requires overcoming some mental obstacles. I will admit to a few, although security was not one of them. I felt sure that the Israeli government and Tourist Board would ensure that visitors not find themselves in harm’s way. The first concern was the very title of the trip, “ Family Mission.” The word “mission” sticks in my craw, i…