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All Things Considered, How I Choose the Best Active Vacation

Each time I consider taking an active vacation there are some immediate questions and concerns that surface prior to taking the trip itself such as; have I chosen the right company, have I chosen the correct trip for me with regards to activity levels, geographic venues, style and levels of hotels, what will my group of fellow travelers/ adventures be like and, most important of all, HOW GOOD WILL THE TOUR DIRECTORS/GUIDES BE!!!

Prior to ultimately selecting the Backroads Canadian Rockies biking trip, I spent considerable time seeking answers to all my aforementioned questions.

I knew I wanted a physically challenging program that had multiple options for both longer & shorter days on the bike. I wanted (4-5) star hotel properties. I wanted nightly fine wine & dining opportunities. I wanted less travelled country roads. I wanted magnificent scenery and authentic wildlife encounters. I wanted moderate temperatures conducive to long days on the saddle. I guess you could say, li…