Journey to the Galapagos ~ It’s closer than you think

For years I have dreamed of visiting the Galapagos Islands but time had always kept me away. I felt that it was just too far to go for a weeks vacation. I have now discovered just how wrong I was.

Last Friday afternoon I departed New England on an afternoon flight. We quickly changed planes in Miami to a 7:00pm flight to Guayaquil, which landed a little after eleven. Since we were met at the airport by the Lindblad Expedition team, who conveniently handled our luggage and transfer to the Hilton Colon, the time from landing to bed that evening was less than an hour. After an early wake up call and breakfast, we were once again transferred back to the airport for a short flight to San Cristobal, where we would board the National Geographic Endeavor. As we stood on the dock waiting for the zodiacs, you could see the ship anchored in the bay and it radiated a feeling of adventure. By 11:30am we had boarded the ship and were sailing off to our first stop of the trip, where we walked on the beach with sea lions, crabs, marine iguanas and more birds than I could count. What amazed me was how the crew of the Endeavor wasted no time in getting the guests up close and personal with what we all came to see…. the true magic of the Galapagos Islands.

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