Feeding the Monks on Day Five in Bhutan

The wakeup call shattered the predawn serenity of our hotel room but we gladly arose as we were on a mission.  After friendly assistance with our local attire, we made our way to the monastery perched majestically on the hilltop to cook and serve breakfast for one hundred and twenty five monks.

Upon arrival we were graciously greeted by the head monk and led to the cookhouse whose working conditions presented some unusual challenges.  First, there was no electricity and the source of heat for the (50) gallon pots of water were open fire pits fueled by large logs harvested from a nearby forest.  After stoking the flames, we proceeded to the temple where we joined all the resident monks in morning prayers, chants, meditation and celebration.

We were truly humbled by having the privilege of the inside perspective and bearing witness to the sacrifice, dedication and commitment of the monks, many of whom had dedicated their lives to religious pursuits at age five and would continue their studies at this particular monastery for a minimum of (13) years before going out to the surrounding community to share their insights and acquired knowledge.

Paul Largay feeding the Monks in a Monestary in Bhutan

After sharing in the communal prayer session we served breakfast to the community, thanked them all for the opportunity to share the morning and some small, but enlightening, insights into their faith and religious rituals.  We are now preparing to leave our wonderful home at Amankora Gadgety and are headed to explore Amankora Panache with it’s lush valleys and hiking opportunities as well as the festivals and mask dancing.  We just can’t wait

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