Hiking to the End of Our Epic Journey through Bhutan - Day Nine and Ten

By choice we saved the most physically demanding trek for last so after an early morning two hour transfer to the Ahh Valley, we climbed to 12,000 feet.  There we were unexpectedly greeted at the summit by strong winds and blowing snow.  We hung our blessed prayer flags and descended as quickly as possible and arrived back at the hotel nine hours after we began our climb. We were exhausted but jubilant, as we had endured steep, continuous grades, cold temperatures, and a wild bear encounters..yikes!

We subsequently attended a lecture by a reincarnate, which is a Buddhist follower who has reached enlightenment and was officially outside the wheel of life, but who unselfishly returned to earth to provide guidance and example to others.  We were so mesmerized by his words that we dined and chatted with him long into the evening.  This was a perfect ending to an auspicious beginning.

After nine glorious days we were all truly saddened to have to finally say goodbye to such a wonderful country and it’s genuine, happy, soulful people. It is truly difficult to articulate the impact of the experience as it touched and consumed all of our senses. The scenery, history,  culture,  traditions and religious convictions are the threads which had subtlety and indelibly  woven our beguiling Bhutanese tapestry. The insights, inspirations, challenges, and resident’s examples are now a permanent and cherished part of our voyager’s DNA.  A heartfelt thank you to Aman, Drukair, and the country and people of Bhutan.  We miss you already.

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