From Panche to Paro, On the Road to Bhutan's 'Tiger's Nest' - Day Eight

Upon arrival in Paro we anxiously, yet reluctantly prepare for a climb to the ‘Tiger’s Nest’ and are all excited for the opportunity to finally see and experience one of Bhutan’s most famous and revered monuments.  We are sad, however, as we know our remaining days in Bhutan are dwindling.  Upon arrival at the base we considered ourselves fortunate as the day is cloudless and the temperature is in the low 60’s.  Peering up at the sheer rock face some 3000 ft above the valley floor, the ‘nest’ appears to be magically suspended in midair.  The stark contrast between the gray, foreboding granite face of the mountain and the pristine, whitewashed exterior color of the building adds to the intrigue.  Throughout our pleasant two hour climb we were periodically teased and rewarded with spectacular glimpses of the nest as we round various corners of the trail.  The view and the personal satisfaction from the top is as expected, absolutely remarkable.

Enjoying the Hike to Tigers Nest in Bhutan
 Throughout our personal tour, we learned that the nest had been painstakingly reconstructed after a devastating fire a number of years ago but from our perspective they had unilaterally succeeded with their efforts because all we saw was beauty and felt a sense of peace.

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